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What is cupping therapy?

Today, cupping therapy is a practice that involves rounded cups. These cups are placed on certain parts of the body, and then the provider will remove air from the cup, making it stick to the body via the vacuum effect. Supporters of this therapy say that the skin that is pulled into the cup benefit from increased blood flow.

Sliding cupping

  • This is a strong technique where cups are attached to the body and then slid across an area.
  • It is useful to release congestion in a broader area of the body.
  • Massage oil is first applied to allow for frictionless movement of the cup.
  • Cups are then affixed with medium strength and moved through the treatment area.

Fixed cupping

  • This technique involves cups which are fixed to the body and left to rest for a period of time.
  • . They are not moved during treatment, focusing their release on the local tissue.
  • This concentration is on a specific location, allowing time for the connective tissue to fully stretch.
  • Localised pain and tension is the most common indication for this method.
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What can cupping therapy be used for?.

Cupping therapy is often used as a complementary therapy, meaning it is used in combination with several other treatments. It is commonly used to treat:

Knee pain
Back pain
Muscle pain
Muscle soreness
Sports injuries
Shoulder pain

Traditionally, cupping is said to improve and stimulate the flow of vital energy in the body, also known as “qi” or “chi.” Cupping can, according to tradition, improve imbalances that occur due to illness or injury. It is often used with acupuncture to help promote the flow of this energy.

How does Cupping Therapy work at Express Healthcare?

In order to create the vacuum effect inside the cup, our provider may place a flammable substance such as herbs, alcohol, or paper inside each cup and ignite it. The brief fire will suck up the air inside the cup and cause the vacuum effect when secured against the skin. Most cupping therapy sessions involve three to seven cups placed on the body.
Our provider may also use an electric pump or self-suctioning cups to create this effect. Some patients prefer traditional methods over more modern practices. Cups are generally left in place for five to ten minutes. In some cases, “flash” cupping may be used where the cup is quickly removed after attaching it to the skin.

What are the benefits of cupping therapy?

While scientific research hasn’t firmly connected the benefits of cupping to helping any specific ailment, this therapy is often used in conjunction with other treatments. Many patients report improvements in their ailments with cupping therapy. It has been used to help clear congestion from colds a help someone control their asthma. Many respiratory illnesses in the lungs seem to benefit from some cupping therapy when used with other treatments.
Cupping has also been used to detoxify the skin and circulatory system. After three to five treatments, many patients report improved skin color and tone. Cupping therapy can remove toxins from the skin and improve blood flow from arteries and veins. Athletes have been known to use cupping therapy to relieve muscle spasms. It can also improve the digestive system by improving metabolism, strengthen digestion, promote a healthy appetite, and give you relief from constipation.
This therapy method can also be used to treat pain, acne, paralysis, cervical spondylosis, and herpes zoster. Again, this therapy should be used in conjunction with several other treatments in order to get the results the patient is looking for.

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