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First, we perform a detailed exam that includes interviewing our patients on their health history to better understand what could be causing their discomfort. Headaches can also occur during different life stages, such as teenage growth spurts, peri-menopause, and pregnancy. Our team will also consider lifestyle factors, such as sleep patterns, stress, and anxiety. By having an in-depth discussion, we can start to uncover the causes of your headache pain.


Interdisciplinary Team.

What sets Express Healthcare apart is its comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to headache diagnosis, treatment, and management. Our multidisciplinary team includes doctors, nurses, a psychologist, pharmacists, dietitians, physical therapists, recreational therapists, and counselors.

Experienced Team

Types of Headaches.

Our experienced team works together to treat several types of primary headaches, including:


A primary, recurring headache that typically only affects half of the head.

Cluster headaches

Severe recurring grouped headaches that often center around one eye.

Tension headaches

Headaches caused by tightness of muscles in the head or neck.

Treatment Approaches.

Our doctors and nurses teach patients how to cope with pain in healthy, constructive ways, and how to prevent relapse into pain behaviors, such as withdrawal or lack of routine.

A lot of patients with headaches had far more positive experiences at urgent care facilities than in emergency rooms. If you are a headache or Migraine sufferer who occasionally needs emergency care, this is absolutely something to keep in mind. If your healthcare is covered by insurance, however, it would be prudent to check in advance to see if care at an urgent care facility is covered by your insurance plan. Some plans cover ER visits, but not UC visits. Some will cover either, but only if you are referred there by your primary physician. In Express Healthcare, we accept most insurance plans. At Express urgent care, we save you time and money.

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