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On-site Lab Screening.

Express Healthcare Offers a Variety of On-Site Lab Screening Services to Ensure We Can Give You a Quick Diagnosis and Treat Your Health Concerns as Fast and Conveniently as Possible. the only way for a patient to receive laboratory testing was to wait for an appointment with a primary care provider or a specialist, or to make a time consuming and expensive visit to the emergency room.


Benefits of on-site laboratory Testing.

On-site laboratory test is usually used by people who take a drug test at home, at work places or educational institutions. The most common types used for on-site laboratory testing are urine lab testing.


Immediate Results

Results are available in less than five minutes with the help of on-site laboratory testing.


No clinic fees

As it is self test product, no need to approach any clinic for laboratory tests. On-site drug testing saves your clinic fees.


Self test product

No training or special skills are required for on-site laboratory testing. Help of another person.


No waiting for reports

You should wait for reports from laboratory services by at least one day. Reports are available in couple of hours with the help of on-site drug testing.

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Why We Need Laboratory Services.

The application of clinical laboratory test out comes in diagnostic decision making is an inherent part of clinical medicine.

TB Testing
Bladder Infection Testing
Tuberculosis (TB) Testing
(UTI) Testing and Treatment
Strep Throat Testing
STD Testing
Herpes Testing
DOT Drug Testing/Screening

Do I need to make an appointment for laboratory screenings?

The needs of our patients come first at Express Healthcare. Our emergency care clinics are meant to be as effective as possible, while not limiting the ability of our patients to see a doctor. we have 3 convenient urgent care clinics. We provide extended hours and never need an appointment, although you can further speed up your visit to our website by booking online.

What types of lab testing can you perform?

All 3 of our convenient emergency care clinics maintain an on-site laboratory, making it simple and convenient for you to get a full variety of test results while waiting in our office. Absolute blood count checks, glucose level testing, urinalysis, tuberculosis testing, lung testing, rabid HIV testing, bladder scans, A1C hemoglobin testing, pregnancy testing, and much more are given.

  • Diagnosis (to include or exclude a diagnosis).
  • Monitoring (for example the impact of drug therapy).
  • Screening (hereditary hypothyroidism through neonatal thyroxine testing).
  • Research (the pathophysiology of a specific disease process).

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