Physical Therapy

You’re more than just another patient to us.

At Express Healthcare, we understand the importance of healthy alignment and mobility as part of our patients’ total-body health and well-being. That is why we proudly offer comprehensive physical therapy services. If you experience chronic pain as the result of an injury or have limited mobility in specific joints because of repetitive stress, a dedicated physical therapist may be able to help you heal your body, improve your alignment, and reduce your discomfort.


Improve Your Quality of Life

Getting to the root of the issues that cause your pain or dysfunction allows us to create a plan aligned uniquely with your needs. Then you’re on your way to getting back to living the life you love–with confidence!

Minimize Healthcare Spending

We’re your high value, low-cost healthcare team. Movement is often the best medicine when it comes to rehabilitating your body, which is why we utilize treatment options that help you reduce the need for medications.

Why Choose Express Healthcare for Physical therapy.

Physical therapy can be an exceptional treatment option for many patients. We believe everyone deserves to live their healthiest life, free from pain or dysfunction.


No Time-Wasting

As soon as you call, we begin getting to know your story. Our team understands how frustrating it is to live with constant pain or physical dysfunction.


A Personalized Plan

No two patients are alike—from the reason you’ve come in, to the goals you’re setting for your future. That’s why you get a personalized plan designed uniquely to fit your needs and limitations.


Family-Like Atmosphere

When you’re with us, you’re with family. We’re here to answer all of your questions and guide you through the process comfortably and with care.


Continuous Support

We’ll track your progress through each visit after we put your personalized plan into action. By monitoring your accomplishments, we can adjust your plan as needed and set realistic goals for your future.

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Why should I undergo physical therapy?

Many patients will choose to undergo physical therapy treatments after they sustain an injury as a result of an accident or other traumatic event. Physical therapists have a unique understanding of the human body and its healthy function, which allows them not only to address pain symptoms you may have but to address the root causes of your discomfort and help you regain mobility. While physical therapy is most often prescribed for patients with a specific injury, many adults can benefit from a targeted therapeutic regimen. Especially as we become increasingly reliant on handheld devices and other technology, the alignment of our spines and necks, as well as the health of our joints, can be negatively affected. Physical therapy can help you address anatomic dysfunction for a healthier body that moves more freely and experiences less chronic pain.

Do I need an appointment for physical therapy at Express Healthcare?

While most of our services can be accessed without an appointment, it is necessary that you call ahead if you wish to schedule physical therapy sessions at one of our Maryland locations. In order to ensure you get the most out of your treatment, you must first undergo a personalized assessment with a certified physical therapist who can evaluate the overall function of your body and help you decide on the right treatment plan for your unique needs. Our physical therapists are highly qualified and can help you not only understand the best exercises for your body but learn the complete underlying causes that contribute to your symptoms. If you are interested in scheduling a physical therapy assessment, please call 301-45-6600.

Will my physical therapy sessions hurt?

For some patients, the techniques used, and movements implemented during their physical therapy treatments may cause discomfort or some minor pain. It is important to communicate honestly with your therapist about the sensations you experience in your body as they work with you and to voice concerns about discomfort or pain. Your physical therapist will implement an array of different techniques to address your specific areas of need. If you explain that certain types of movements or exercises are prohibitively painful, your therapist may be able to provide alternatives. However, they will not be able to do so if you do not communicate with them openly and honestly about how your body is feeling.

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