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First Class Medical Care for Travelling.

Vaccines protect travelers from getting diseases abroad. Travelers to other countries often face health problems they wouldn’t normally experience in their home country. To minimize the risks of becoming seriously sick when traveling abroad, it is recommended that you find out in advance whether any specific vaccines may be recommended for travel to the region of the world you are planning to visit. f You Are Planning a Vacation, Call or Visit One of Our Clinic.


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Vaccinations For Your International Adventure.

Routine vaccinations are those that are normally administered, usually during childhood, in the United States.

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Haemophilus influenza Type-B
Human Papillomavirus

International travelers should make sure that these vaccinations are up to date and that no boosters are required, since many conditions that are rare in the U.S. due to immunity in the general population may be more common in other countries.

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First Class Medical Care for Travelling.

Our board-certified physicians will provide comprehensive health care that includes consultation and immunization services; after checking your current health and ask about your medical history and knowing your destination the physician will offer appropriate vaccines (according to CDC Guidelines) and optimum and up to date health information for your travel needs (such as insect precautions and insect repellents, Anti-Malarial, water and food precautions, current outbreaks and health safety measures).


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