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Express Healthcare Is Equipped With X-Ray, Sonogram, Ultrasound and A Few Other Imaging Services to Help Quickly Diagnose and Treat Your Health Conditions. we pride ourselves on providing our patients with easy and convenient access to important diagnostic and treatment options.


Maintaining Your Equipment.

Express Healthcare Frontier Imaging Services has experience installing hundreds of X-Ray tubes. We provide a full range of tube replacement options from tube installation labor to full coverage of all the tubes in your network.


X-Ray Glassware Coverage

glassware purchasing program, offers tubes at a discounted price when you need one.


X-Ray Maintenance

Performing timely and complete planned maintenance OEM specifications X-Ray equipment is essential to interruptions


X-Ray Digital Detector

Digital x-ray detectors have replaced nearly all earlier forms of x-ray detection in the market today.

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Work with the in your field

Frontier Imaging Services provides medical imaging equipment resellers with an expert field workforce to deliver warranty services on their behalf.
Our nationwide network of engineers and partners deliver a true multivendor experience to you.Frontier Imaging Services provides medical imaging equipment resellers with an expert field workforce to deliver warranty services on their behalf. We represent you while we are on site, and service a wide variety of OEM makes and models.

Be Proactive With Your Equipment.

Provides planned maintenance

  • Digital Radiography
  • Digital R&F
  • Portable Radiographic systems
  • Special Procedure systems
  • Surgical C-Arms
  • O-arms
  • Urology suites
  • Digital Mammography
  • CR Readers
  • PM-only agreements
  • Parts agreements
  • Time and material services
  • Technical training
  • DR upgrades
  • Surgical C-Arms

What are sonograms used for?

In order to provide your doctor with a digital picture of the inside of your body, sonography uses high-frequency sound waves. Most commonly, sonograms are used to diagnose disorders that affect the body’s soft tissues. Sonograms are visual images of your organs, blood flow, and tissue to help your healthcare provider examine blood vessels, abdomen, breasts, reproductive organs, heart, and the prostate, as well as other parts of the body. Sonograms are used during pregnancy to monitor fetal development and ensure that babies develop healthily and at a normal rate.

What is the difference between sonograms and ultrasounds?

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, various aspects of the same process are specifically referred to. The ultrasound, which is the significant image itself, is the procedure that creates the sonogram. As such, regardless of the word your diagnostic imaging is used to identify, you and your doctor will be able to address your condition and outcomes easily, so you can move forward with an effective treatment plan. Your doctor will examine your symptoms when you come to one of the walk-in locations of Express Healthcare and determine if an ultrasound might be effective in finding an exact point.

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